Squiggle Satisfaction Survey

Project: Valentines Day Promotion

Squiggle sent out a valentines card with a difference. The concept was a twist of the normal expectations; we sent out a 'do you love us' survey, to encourage our clients to tell us what they thought of the service we supplied.
Squiggle designed and built a simple 3 page 'responsive' website that allowed customer complete a short survey form and submit the results

The survey is still available but the functionality has be deactivated, visit the site on a smart phone (scan the QR Code above) to experience the responsive nature of the website. Or view the site on a normal desktop computer and try pulling the page width handle to the left and see how when the 'media query breakpoints' kick in.

If you would like to learn how a responsive website can help you reach mobile customers, contact us to arrange a meeting.


Here are some of the lovely things our clients said about us:

Squiggle have given great service and value for money over the years and always with a smile, I would highly recommend them; thank you!

Paula, Manor Farm


Innovative, positive and ahead of the game. Well done and thanks.

Sian , Positive Perspective


You know we love you

Bridget, NT Cad Cam


I've always enjoyed working with your team. As a client always felt part of the process and excited to see the designs and creatives you come up with.

Anita, National Trust