About Squiggle Design

Squiggle Design is a small but perfectly formed full service graphic design agency based in Dorking, nestling in the green and pleasant Surrey Hills. Squiggle has been crafting creative work since 1999. We offer full design and print support as well as web and digital services, with all projects professionally delivered with a friendly relaxed approach. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, working together with our clients and suppliers to get things done quickly and efficiently, without fuss.

We’re proud of our work, but not precious about it, nor are we afraid to challenge our clients if we feel strongly about the approach. Intelligent design is a collaborative process - we enjoy working as a team to create great results.

So, who are we?

Squiggle Design is owned and run by Alex Wilkie and Wendy Saunders. We are highly skilled and experienced graphic designers with a wealth of knowledge and access to a network of trusted associates, partner companies and suppliers.

A Potted History (in reverse…)

Squiggle Design was born in 1999 after a client casually mentioned over lunch that our name (AWS Design Partners) wasn’t memorable and maybe we should adopt something more interesting. So, with a nod of thanks to the artist formerly known as Prince (as he was known at that time) who inspired our name change, we became Squiggle.

AWS Design Partners was formed in 1993 when Wendy Saunders joined forces with Alex Wilkie. Wendy brought a wealth of complimentary skills to the creative business allowing the handling of more complex and challenging projects

Alex Wilkie & Associates started back in April 1991, just before a recession. Mostly specialising in design for video and motion graphics, but also offering new fangled Desk Top Publishing (DTP) as an additional service. An investment in a brand spanking new Apple Macintosh desktop computer, laser printer and electronic publishing software the previous year had proved beneficial.